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Instructions regarding PCA / Examination Form for Jan. 2024 HSBTE Exam For Students Scholarship 2023-24

Applied Science

English Language Lab:

English Language labs are fully equipped laboratories to facilitate language learning in fun and interactive manner. G.P.W, Faridabad has an ideal language lab set up as it is fully A.C. and there are teacher’s PC, students’ PC, projector Headphones and most importantly an interactive language lab software. It aims at confidence-building among students for interaction and presentation in English. Students from rural areas who are generally weak in English can have sufficient ear training in the language lab.

The main objectives of the language lab are::

  • To equip the students with good communication skill.
  • To develop active listening skill.
  • To develop vocabulary building skill
  • Oral presentation(Self- Introduction, Extempore, Public Speech, Formal presentation)
  • To prepare students for interviews and future jobs environment.
  • To develop the art of good and situational conversation and group discussion.

Physics Lab:

Physics lab is well equipped with instrument relevant to the syllabus. Students understand the difference between theory and application. In lab students improvise their approach towards the subject. By performing experiment students get clarity regarding basic concept of subject.

Chemistry Lab:

Chemistry labs equipped with lab equipment related to the syllabus. Here our focus is to development of practical skills or enhance understanding of theory, it's a platform for students to learn science in more tactile and engaging way, developing technical skills, accuracy while performing.