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Students/Staff Members showing symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend the institute. Other students and Staff members must follow SOP's issued Academic Calendar Session 2020-21 Even Semesters (4th & 6th)

Infrastructure & Facilities

Carpentry Shop

This workshop is meant for basic carpentry work like planning practice, sawing practice, Chiseling practice and assembly jack plane etc.

Pattern making Shop.jpeg

Turning Shop

Students in this workshop undergo training for Grinding of single point turning tool with demonstration of all angles, exercise of simple turning and step turning and a composite job involving, turning, taper turning, external thread cutting and knurling.

Tuening Shop.jpeg

Pattern Making Shop

In this workshop, students do the practice  how to prepare of solid/single piece pattern, two piece/split pattern, a pattern on wooden lathe and also Preparation of a self cored pattern  and Preparation of a core box


Wiring Shop

Each branch of engineering inter-related with this workshop. This workshop provides practical knowledge about basic electrical equipments like ceiling fan, table fan. Electric iron, electric kettle, electric geyser, electric mixer etc.

 Also provide information about single phase, three phase colour coding of wires, connections of a lamp, connection of tube etc.


Wiring Shop.jpeg

Welding Shop

Welding shop provides basic knowledge about joining of two similar or dissimilar metals or non-metals by welding process.

The students prepare lap joint, butt joint and T-joint using arc welding process.

Welding Shop.jpeg

Painting  Shop

Painting work has its own importance in engineering work as well as for domestic purpose. Every object need protection from rusting, the moisture present in air

Paint shop is equipped with spray painting machines, different sizes of brushes, paints which are used by students to perform their parcticals.


Fitting shop & Plumbing Shop

Students are trained to get the knowledge how to fit of two assembly parts. Marking of job with use of marking tools and various types of files, use of tri square, surface plate, filing and use of measuring instruments.

They are also taught and practiced by using zero error and least count of Vernier calliper, Micrometer and Vernier height gauge.

fitting Shop.jpeg

The significant importance of this shop is to make use of water through pipes  in houses and their fitments.

Student do practise how to make internal and external threads on a job by tapping and dying operations (manually) along with Fitting of all components of wash basin and ball valve in a tank . Practice on opening a jammed pipe(MS or PVC) joint with least damage and repair of a leaking joint, reconditioning of a tap and  preparation of job involving thread on GI pipe/ PVC pipe and fixing of at least 5 types of fittings (viz. elbow, tee, union, socket, reducer, nipple, stopcock, taps etc).

Machine shop

This work shop is very important and informative for mechanical engineering students. This workshop provides basic practical knowledge about machines like shaper, milling, grinding machines. These machines use for making jobs like to produce a rectangular block, slot milling, gear cutting, shaft grinding machine etc.

Machine shop.jpeg

Sheet Metal Shop

Basic knowledge of different types of sheets, their joints, different types of operations  like shearing, circular shearing, rolling, folding, beading and soldering  are done on these sheets.

Also different types of jobs are made from sheet metals like spinning a bowl, cup, saucer etc.

Sheet Metal Shop.jpeg

Smithy Shop

Smithy shop provides basic knowledge about M.S. rod shape to the metal piece by heating and striking. like making a cold , hot flat chisel including tempering of edges etc.

Smithy Shop.jpeg

Foundry Shop & Forging Shop

This workshop provides a knowledge of the process of producing articles by casting is called foundry. It is one of the oldest branches of metal forming industry where moulds and cores are prepared as per shapes of the required articles through pattern and core design etc.

Forging shop means to convert the shape of the metal piece with hammer, like making a cold flat chisel and round ring etc.