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Infrastructure & Facilities

IT , IOT&AI and CAD Lab

It is advantageous over conventional method. Easy to drawand interpret CAD drawing using drawing,editing,viewing in CAD software. Easy in assemble, various mechaniam using CAD software.


1. Concept of Auto CAD.

2. Drawing commands.

3. Editing Commands.

4. Detail and assembly drawing of the different machine parts and mechainsm using CAD software.

Apparatus available:

15 Computer sets


Basics of Electrical and Electronics Engineering Lab

This lab is very important and informative for mechanical engg.students because each branch of engineering is inter-related to each other . This lab provides practical knowledge about basic electrical and electronics. The students learns about how series and parallel connection of electrical appliances /resistances works,howdomestic wiring done, how induction motors works in forward and reverse direction. The lab alsoconsist of ohm’s law apparatus, PN/JN diode apparatus.


IC Engines Lab

Experiment being to be  conducted to understand various accessories like start of engine , cooling of engine , engine performance etc., weather used for automotive or locomotive.

This lab provide information regarding internal combustion engine. This lab is for practical knowledge about working of automobile engines. It consists  some models  of four  stroke engine ,two stroke engine, cooling system , ignition system etc.



Thermodynamics Lab

Diploma holder having knowledgeof this lab is able to maintainsteam generators, turbines, compressors and other power plant equipments.

Apparatus available:

Thermocouple, Infrared thermometer                                                                                                                                                                                  

Apparatus for Heat transfer through Radiation, conduction, convection

Working Model of  green economiser,  Sudgon superheater, fusible plug,

pressure relief valve, water indicators, blow off cock, lever safety valves,

 spring loaded safety valve, dead weight safety valve, comb.

 High steam and low  water safety valve,  water gauge model, SOP valve Hopkinson type,

Feed check valve, reducing valve, pressure guage, Steam Injector

Model of Lancashire boiler and Nestler boiler, Model of  Bension boiler

Model of Babcock and Wilcox Boiler, Model of Locomotive Boiler

Model of Vertical Water tube boiler, Model of Cochran boiler,

Model of Lamount boiler, Model of Carnish boiler, Model of Moveet boiler

Anti primimg Pipe, Exp. Steam Trap, Float Steam Trap


Hydraulics & Pneumatics Lab

Diploma holders having knowledge of this lab viz. Properties of fluid, fluid mechanics and machinery and pneumatics can enrich their work in the field of power generation in the industries.

Apparatus available:

Bernoulli’s apparatus

Venturi apparatus with differential manometer

Pipe fitting apparatus

Cut section model of single stage centrifugal pump