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Canteen Facility

The institute canteen serves hygienic and good quality standardized food with wide variety of meals and snacks at reasonable prices.

The institute canteen is well equipped and offers all kinds of snacks and food items to give the students and staff a refreshing break from their hectic schedule. Canteen staff prepares numerous mouth-watering dishes like samosa, Kulchachole, bread pakora, burger, veg roll, noodles, aalupuri, cholebhature, pastries, patties and veg cutlet. It also provide packed snacks and drinks like chips, chocolates, ice-creams, juices and candies along with basic items like tea and coffee.

The canteen, apart from serving as its main function, also provides basic stationery to the students and staff. It is further furnished with spacious seating arrangements and proper ventilation facilities. The prices set for the refreshments are quite nominal and affordable. It aims to give a great break experience to the students’ lunch time.