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Students/Staff Members showing symptoms of COVID-19 must not attend the institute. Other students and Staff members must follow SOP's issued Academic Calendar Session 2020-21 Even Semesters (4th & 6th)

  Electronics & Communication Engineering

Vision of the Department

“To serve as a valuable resource for industry by imparting excellent technical education in Electronics.”

Mission of the Department

M-1: To prepare for future needs in pursuits of technological advancements.

M-2: To develop inner potential to its fullest extent to make competent professionals.

M-3:  To imbibe discipline and ethical values in students.


PEO: 1:      To demonstrate peer recognized expertise and use it for problem solving in the analysis, design and troubleshooting of electronics devices and systems. 

PEO: 2:      To demonstrate sustained learning and adapting to a constantly changing field through professional development and self study.

PEO: 3:   To demonstrate leadership and initiative to ethically advance professional and organizational goals, facilitate the achievement of others and obtain substantiate results

PEO: 4:     To demonstrate a commitment to team work while working with   others, of diverse cultural and inter disciplinary backgrounds.