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Notice Regarding Residents of Haryana willing to return to India

                      Department of Business management


To create a centre of academic excellence in the field of management with the purpose of fulfilling the industry requirements through holistic development of the future performers with right attitude toward their work and life.


  1. To promote a learning environment fostering intellectual inquisitiveness, explore knowledge dimensions for future application in industry, business and life.    
  2. To develop managers and entrepreneurs in the field of management.
  3. To inculcate the ethical, social and moral values in all our stakeholders.
  4. To provide hands on experience with exposure to industry. 
  5.  To deliver the best in technical education through industrial training program.


Scope of Branch

Program Educational Objective are broad statements that describe what diploma holders are expected to attain within three years of diploma.

PEO1  Our professionals will have successful professional careers in retail, human resource departments and administrative roles in various firms.

PEO2  To train the students of the management program for logical and practical approach to problem solving, team work and function effectively as skilled middle level managers who can respond to changing environment in a social and global context.

PEO3  To encourage and train the students in a way that they can pursue higher studies, start independent ventures, thereby contributing to the fields of education and business world.

PSO1  An ability to communicate effectively and apply management fundamentals in practical world.

PSO2  Demonstrate abilities such as initiative, innovative thinking and managerial problem solving.

PSO3  Enhancing entrepreneurship abilities so that the students are induced to undertake independent ventures.


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